Unrefined Coconut Sugar- 5g*50N sachets (250g)


Wellbeing Superfoods brings to you the best coconut sugar which is a perfect & healthy alternative to white table sugar. It had a unique & rich caramel taste. Coconut sugar has a natural taste and can be used in your beverages and desserts like tea, coffee, cakes, or puddings to enhance the taste.



  • Low Glycemic Index – The glycemic index measures the effects of carbohydrates on your blood sugar. Coconut sugar ranks just 35 on this index, while regular table sugar ranks between 60 and 75.
  • Nutrient Content – Coconut sugar is a nutritional superfood that offers more vitamins and minerals than white table sugar.
  • Less Fructose – Fructose is a type of sugar your body converts to fat quickly. Coconut sugar has just 45 per cent fructose, making it a better option than these other sugar.
  • Ideal for baking, cookies, beverages, cereals, sweets & anything you would like to sweeten.
  • No Preservatives or artificial colours.